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hello everyone,

thank you so much for those of you who have turned in your fics! you all are AWESOME! i can't wait to dig in this weekend and read them!

that being said, i've had several people email/talk to me about their fics and getting them in this weekend.

i'm completely okay with that. i know how real life gets in the way. get them in this weekend and we'll call no harm/no foul. ;) not that i could do anything to punish you. (well, except give you the big sad eyes. and really, no one wants that.)

i too have not escaped the real life that impedes fic writing (hai cobra show/work/school/etc.).

those of you who finished THANK YOU SO MUCH.


p.s. thoughts about doing a mini-challenge for the summer, y/n? i suppose i should take a poll.
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