flyingtapes (flyingtapes) wrote in bandslash_usa,

FIC: you know what you want (and that makes you just like me) [PATD, Spencer/Brendon, 1/1, NC17]

Title: you know what you want (and that makes you just like me)
Author: SA [sathinks]
Disclaimer: Fake things about real people. Don't google yourself.
Notes: For bandslash_usa, whose delightful mod clumsygyrl was kind enough to let me join the party at the last minute. Because, okay, Nevada was unclaimed. And it seemed like a very sad thing for 3/4 of Panic's home state to sit there unloved. I'd intended to write, like, an awesome subtle story about Nevada geography, but apparently I was in the mood for kinky, kinky porn instead. Spencer/Brendon, D/s, very very consensual.

( Brendon didn't notice him at first, and Spencer was fine with that, shadowing a waitress who tilted her head at him as she asked if he wanted a drink. He said no, his eyes locked on the expansive smile on Brendon's face as he pulled in the chips he had just won at the blackjack table. Brendon looked like he could win the table on his charm alone, and Spencer let a little predatory smile color his face. It was possible that this was a better idea than Spencer had given Brendon credit for, because all Spencer could imagine now was how much pleasure he was going to take in reducing this Brendon to the wanton, needy one Spencer knew so very, very well. )
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