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bandslash_usa's Journal

Slashing Bands Across the Good Ol' US of A
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Welcome ALL!

This is bandslash_usa, a bandslash 50 states fic challenge. Our boys [and few girls] spend much of their lives on tour and on the open road here in the United States. Miles of pavement and statelines crossed and plenty of fodder for fic!

Here's what you do: 1) Claim yourself a state in the United States and write a bandslash/band-centric fic about it. 2) Think of your state - the history of the state, urban legends, the landscape, the history the band may have with the state, etc.


1. Make your submission gen, slash, whatever you like.[AUs are always welcome!] Please use the appropriate headers and disclaimers/warnings – also include your state in the header. Example of a header:
Pairing, if any:

2. The stories are due on December 1, 2007 January 3, 2008 February 14, 2008. A whole two months! Want to post early? GO FOR IT! But please be very sure you can meet the first deadline.

3. The story must be at least 1,000 words.

4. Once you're done with your submission, post a link to it or post the entire piece in this community. If you're posting your entire fic in this community, use a cut tag.

5. If you post your submission in your own LJ or your own website, please link back to this community!


Sign up for an available state by commenting on the sign-up post.

If you would like to link back to the comm, feel free to use this button. Just copy and paste the code!

Fic on ya'll!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? email me at clumsygyrl[at]yahoo[dot]com

[much of this was fiddled with from other 50 states challenges mostly spn_50states]